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newenglandmetal's Journal

Metal Heads' of New England
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This is a community for metal heads in the New England area only. Only real metal heads here. No ,korn,slipknot,hole,disturbed fans etc. Any hoo this is for those that like metal in New England that want to meet other that like metal in New England and want updates on shows etc

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also cheak out my other community

abigor, ac/dc, amorphis, arch enemy, avantasia, bathory, behemoth, belladonna, black metal, black sabbath, black witchery, blind guardian, borknagar, brutal death metal, burzum, cannibal corpse, carpathian forest, celtic frost, cradle of filth, cryptopsy, dark funeral, dark throne, dark tranquility, death metal, deathwitch, deeds of flesh, deicide, demonic christ, demons and wizards, dimmuborgir, dio, doom metal, dragon lord, dying fetus, ebonsight, edguy, embraced, emperor, enslaved, enthroned, entombed, exhumed, fear factory, fleshgrind, gamma ray, god forbid, godflesh, gorgasm, graveland, hammerfall, hate eternal, helloween, hypocrisy, iced earth, immolation, immortal, impaled, incantation, iron maiden, judas priest, kataklysm, kill switch engage, king diamound, krisium, limbonic art, lizzie borden, long haired men, lucuna coil, manowar, marduk, mayhem, merciful fate, meshuggah, metal heads, milwalkie metalfest, mistress, morbid angel, morgion, mortician, mosh pits, moshing, motorhead, nailbomb, napalm death, neurosis, nevermore, nile, november's doom, obituary, opeth, over kill, ozzy, pantera, peccatum, power metal, queen, queensryche, rain fell within, rob halford, sacramentum, sara jezebel deva, satyricon, savatage, sean yseult, sepultura, setherial, shroud of bereavement, sinister, six feet under, skid row, slayer, soil work, static x, stratovarius, suffocation, summoning, tesla, testament, the gathering, therion, thor, thorr's hammer, thrash metal, tobias sammet, tristania, type o negative, venom, vintersorg, witchery